Chocks Away: The story of flight in the English Midlands

Steve Roth

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14th December 2021
Aviation | Adventure

The flying monk, James Sadler - balloonist, and Madam Jenny mark a glorious evolution from being stuck on the ground to kings and queens of the air. But far from being elated, the first Englishman to take to the air in a winged craft instantly resigned. Find out how an Englishman almost stole the Wright Brothers crown, and a Cheltenham garage helped usher in the jet age. We’ll take a supersonic journey from gliders to Concorde, and celebrate the men and women of the midlands that made it possible.

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About Steve Roth

A Cotswold-based journalist and qualified tour guide, I've spent my life telling stories. 

A specialist in the Heart of England - thats anywhere between the M4 and the Peaks, and from Wales across to Oxford, my talks uncover the weird and wonderful stories behind the area's hidden gems, heroes and villains.

Discover also the region’s enchanting and sometimes bizarre folklore, myths and legends, face to face, or online.

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