"Off the Boats" - living on a narrowboat

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13th February 2021
Canals | Career Change

Off the Boats - the story of a middle-aged couple who sold their cottage in the Peak District and spent several years exploring the English inland waterways

Off the Boats is a light-hearted talk about some of our many adventures during that time. I have been giving this talk for several years to numerous groups within a 30 mile radius of where I live.

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About Elizabeth Holloway

Over the years I've run small, medium and international sized charities. I've been a folk singer, writer, personal assistant, and choral singer. I was in my 50s when we sold our cottage and had the boat built. We travelled the length and breadth of England from Leeds in the north, right down to Bristol floating harbour. And we spent several wonderful summers cruising the River Thames.

When we left the boat I began giving a light-hearted talk about some of our many adventures to local groups - WIs, Rotary, Probus etc. My talk is now adapted for a Zoom audience, and of course distance is no object. However, as things open up I am happy to give my talk in person within a 30 mile radius of Matlock, Derbyshire.

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