Sailors in the desert and the Horseless Cavalry

Eve Bacon

Live'n History
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Short (maybe less than one month's notice)
Paid: £90 + expenses at 40p per mile
19th January 2021
Ww1 | Merchant Navy | British History | Hms Tara

The story of a ship’s crew after being torpedoed during WW1. This talk has now been adapted for ZOOM.

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About Eve Bacon

I am a retired teacher and I have been an historical interpreter for over 25. I have extensive experience of delivering presentations in museums, heritage sites and TV and have developed a series of characters and presentations for interest groups. All my presentations are well researched and resourced so you can be sure that the things I say and do are as historically accurate as I can make them. I have researched recipes from Medieval times to the 1950s and am fascinated by the relationship between food fashions, changes in society and the wider history of the time. Since becoming a Queen Victoria impersonator I have also developed an interest in the Victorian era and am, at present, writing a book about Baby Farming.

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