Environmental Debate Live And Unscripted

Stuart Mabbutt

Wildman Environmental Learning
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20th November 2020
Environment | Nature | Sustainability | Climate Change

Building on their series of 5 other talks, Stuart 'The Wildman' Mabbutt and William Mankelow (photographer) take The People’s Countryside Environmental Debate Podcast format in front of a live audience, either on stage or as an online event. ​

Their podcast can be accessed on a range of platforms, click on the link. https://linktr.ee/thepeoplescountryside

During 'Environmental Debate Live and Unscripted', they will discuss world-scale environmental issues, challenging societal and individual beliefs. Inspiring people to protect the countryside and natural environment around them.

Where possible they will have an invited guest with an environmental/ sustainability perspective, just as they often do on the podcast. Giving the audience and themselves tangible actions to take forward, assisting us all to be more sustainable in our life, and work.

The difference being with these live events, Stuart and William increase their impact by having an engaged audience. The audience takes part in the debate, as it's not about Stuart and William, or the guest, it's about the subject matter, and keeping the big issues in the public consciousness.

Each live event will aim, where possible, to connect everyone with solutions to the issues debated. To enhance the stage event, in due course, they will include an experiential drama and photographic components. These concepts are being developed, and will be introduced when complete.

Embedding the learning experientially, makes their work even more impactful​! ​For the host organisation, Stuart and William will assist in the creation of a more engaged audience on environmental issues, who will feel motivated towards making their own lives more environmentally sustainable.

​The overall aim ​is to change mindsets/aspirations and processes of the public, decision-makers and scientists by raising awareness of sustainable far-reaching initiatives. ​These may include influencing improvements towards the sustainability of events and venues.

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About Stuart Mabbutt

Stuart 'The Wildman' Mabbutt has been a professional wildlife gardener for 30 years. He writes widely in magazines on the subject and recently published his first four books and is busy writing the next four.

He leads nature workshops for business people and individuals to show how engaging with nature using the 5 senses can help manage stress and pain as well as be a good team building tool. He also carries out nature sensory engagement activities with families and children to develop lifelong learning, resilience and a positive attitude to life.

Stuart's media work includes being a wildlife sound recordist and making the independent wildlife radio show, Going Wild With Wildlife which transmits 30 times a week on 11 differing stations across Britain. He is also working on ‘The Peoples Countryside’ project giving nature a voice though podcasts, radio, audio, photography, film and on the stage.

An extension of his work and interests include developing some academic research with Oxford University into the benefits of nature on the human body. He also has an ambition to perform on the main stage at the O2 Arena in London and is developing a stage show plus an experiential modern art/performance concept to start the ball rolling in getting him there.

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