PEARLS AND PRINCESSES (Zoom Option Available)

Helen Kendall-Tobias

South East
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16th November 2020
Pearls | Fashion | History

In my work as a Stylist and Image Consultant, in addition to advice on colour, style and what to buy clothes-wise, I often advise ladies about jewellery and accessories.

There is a colour and size of pearl which will suit everyone and although fashion in jewellery changes, pearls are rarely out of fashion for long. Most ladies have a string of pearls tucked away somewhere!

Pearls and Princesses – is an original talk by Helen and Imagination – which has been received extremely well by audiences – “This is the best talk I’ve heard in ages…perhaps ever” was what one lady said of the talk.

It covers a variety of aspects of pearls and pearl jewellery, care and storage, how to wear with different necklines, what to look for if you’re purchasing, and of course Princesses and how they’ve worn pearls.

There’s a little history, anecdotes and practical information for the audience (plus a small brochure for the ladies to remind them of the important bits! Not available on Zoom Talks)

This is talk that lasts for about 50 minutes, with questions afterwards. There are some lovely pictures to keep the audience engaged. The talk ends with a personal story of a “find” in my mothers’ jewellery box – which usually has the audience on the edge of their seats! Helen

Image by Briam Cute from Pixabay

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About Helen Kendall-Tobias

I have been speaking to audiences across Kent for over 15 years and have a very busy diary! Since the Covid -19 pandemic I have made many of my talks suitable for an online presentation.

So, whatever the size of your group, small or medium there will be something in my list of talks just right for your audience. I specialise in speaking to ladies groups - the talks that are currently relevant and translate well to a Zoom meeting are:

  • Pearls and Princesses
  • Colour and Fashion
  • Diamonds: A girls best friend?
  • The Making of a Style Icon
  • NEW! Lipstick - The History in Your Handbag
  • Wrinkles Don't Matter,

Other topics include Make-up for the forever 40 lady, Packing for the holidays, What to Wear and What not to wear to a Wedding and the 50 ways to tie a Scarf Demonstration are on hold for the moment.

If you are looking for an imaginative speaker for your next event or perhaps you've been let down at short notice...please give me a call, or phone and ask for a full list of talks

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