Climate and Ecological Crisis? What’s all the fuss about?

David Ramsden MBE SpeakerNet Sponsor

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17th August 2021

‘Climate and Ecological Crisis? What’s all the fuss about?’ is an easy-to-follow look at the whole subject & possible solutions. It’s aimed primarily at people who want to know more about climate change or the ecological crisis, people who feel that either crisis is unreal or exaggerated, or people who have not previously engaged with the subject. Every time I give this talk somebody says “everyone should hear this”.

The short talk lasts 50 to 55 minutes but there’s always lots of questions afterwards so (if you can) I suggest you allow 60-65 minutes for the whole event. If time allows, the full 70 minute version of the talk is highly recommended. Prof. Alasdair Skelton, Director of the Bolin Climate Research Centre (Stockholm University) said "this is the best talk I have ever heard on the climate and ecological crisis... outstanding".

I can present it to audiences anywhere via Zoom and in person across Devon, Cornwall, Dorset, and Somerset. I bring my own equipment which is PAT tested. All you need to provide is an electricity socket, a small table and a glass of water – thanks!

I also give different talks on behalf of the Barn Owl Trust but these are not free. Please see

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About David Ramsden MBE

I’ve always been fascinated by flight. When I was little I watched anything that flew, including birds. This led to my passion for wildlife and ultimately my vocation.

I’ve been actively involved in nature conservation since 1984 and in the Queen’s Birthday Honours List 2007 I received an MBE for “Services to wildlife” which I accepted on behalf of the wildlife charity I co-founded in 1988 and still work for today.

I’ve been public speaking for well over thirty years. I take great care in preparing my presentations and I’ve been humbled by the compliments they’ve received such as “brilliant”, “inspiring”, and “the best talk we’ve ever had”.

Since 2017 I’ve become increasingly concerned about our global situation - the loss of species and what scientists are saying about climate change - so I’ve been finding out what impact this might have on us and what we can do about it.

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