40 Years of deregulated coach services

Nick Blurton

East Midlands
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27th October 2020

It is 40 years this year since coach services in the UK were deregulated. This illustrated talk looks at the background leading up to deregulation and develops in the ensuing 40 years. The talk is suitable for deliver using Zoom.

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About Nick Blurton

A retired HR professional with an extensive background in the Bus & Coach Industry. After starting my career with Rolls-Royce, I spent most of my working life working on the Quarrying and Building Products industry. Throughout my career I have worked on a part-time basis as a coach driver and upon retirement took it up more or less full time.

My interest in buses and coaches goes back to my childhood and I now have an extensive collection of slides and photos which I use to illustrate my talks. The talks can either be around an historical theme, for example, the development of the original Routemaster in London, or about my experiences as a coach driver on UK and Continental tours and express work and competing in the UK Coach Driver of The Year competition when working for one of the County's leading coach operators.

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