South and Central America

Paul Carpenter

Life in the Rainforest
West Midlands
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15th September 2020
Nature | Travel

The rain forests of South and Central America are a true treasure chest for any naturalist. From the piranha fish in the Amazon River to the humming birds of Costa Rica every day reveals a new marvel. In Suriname we were looking for the Goliath spider, the world’s largest known species of tarantula. Living in a cabin on the banks of the Suriname river and hiking into the forest each day to try and find this incredible spider. In our search we came across Poison Dart Frogs, Vipers and the deadly Violin spider. We also visit the mighty Amazon River, in some places so wide you cannot see either bank, giant lily pads over a metre wide and the meeting of the waters. This talk takes you into these amazing forests and shows you what we will lose if we don’t protect them.

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About Paul Carpenter

Life in the rainforest was set up both to give rain forest and mini-beast workshops to primary school age children, using live creatures and to give talks and lectures to clubs, groups and societies of all ages. I have been keeping and breeding a variety of invertebrates since the age of 5, and take these creatures into the classroom to give the children a real hands on experience. Over the last 20+ years I have travelled to the rain forests of South and Central America, Africa and Asia, to study Tarantula spiders in their natural habitat. During these field trips we have discovered a number of species new to science. I have a keen interest in all fauna and have thousands of images of the animals and invertebrates seen on these trips. I was a local authority pest control officer for most of my working life but am now semi retired and run Life in the Rainforest as a sole trader.

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