POLICING - Past & Future

Richard Hutley

South West
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Short (maybe less than one month's notice)
Independent Professional
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14th June 2020
Police | Constable

A History of Policing, and what does the future hold for Policing as we know it?

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About Richard Hutley

I live in Poole, Dorset. And I provide presentations for the Dorset, West Hampshire area up to approximately a 50 mile radius. I can travel further by negotiation but have found this often impractical No travel expenses for BH post code area. Outside of that a £10 contribution to travel cost within a further approx 20 mile radius. I am a retired Police Inspector (Dorset Police) and very proud of the fact that I am the 4th successive generation of Police Officers in my family. I have had plenty of experience in Public Speaking as a Senior officer and when I retired my services in retirement were sought after for presentations initially around Policing issues. Several groups invited me to return for a second presentation – the sequel. My hobbies include Genealogy, History and Mysteries and from my knowledge garnered over many years, it has meant that I have been able to create talks around my favourite subjects. Presentations are based on Facts & Evidence and designed to be entertaining, of interest, and though Provoking. These are not based on Conspiracy Theories! Presentations can be tailored to suit the audience, the time available. They are all Power Point based, and I can provide screen & projector for venues that cannot. For some subjects I can even bring props that allow a more interactive presentation.

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