Is it Time To Ditch Performance Reviews and Do Something Better Instead?

Jaclyn Stoker

North East
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Professional, lifestyle and personal development
10th May 2020
People Management. | Coaching | Change

As a leader one of my least favourite tasks was the 6 monthly performance reviews that I had to do with my team. Why? Because I couldn’t see the point - I saw them as a of a paper exercise! An outdated and ineffective policy that rarely inspired people.

A bit of a bold statement I know - but hear me out. Because there is a better way.....

This talk explores why performace reviews don’t work - and what we could do instead.

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About Jaclyn Stoker

Hi. I’m Jaclyn - a coach and trainer living in the North East of England.

When thinking about what to say about myself I’ve decided not to state the obvious - yes, I’ve years of experience in coaching (in-fact more years than I care to admit to!!); and yes I’m very experience in both delivering training and managing training team. But surely those things should be a ‘given’, things that ever coach and trainer should be.

But whats really important for you to know about me is that I truly love what I do. One of the things I love most is the variety - every client or organisation is different. Every team has its own unique things to offer.

When working with businesses I have 2 main passions - although both are strongly linked. My first passion is building a strong people focused culture - a culture where coaching and development is the norm. The second is working with remote teams - something that is becoming increasingly important in the current climate! You will often hear me say “look after your people and your people will look after your business”.

One of the great things about my role is that it gives me the flexibility to follow some of my other interests - speaking being one of them!

But there are others.... The growth of mental health problems amongst our young people is a great concern to me - so whenever I am able to I get involved in projects to support this. Looking at ways to look after our general wellbeing is another.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, is spending time with my family. I live with my gorgeous teenage daughter and two mad dogs, so life is hectic. When I’m not at the beach with the dogs I can usually be found chauffeuring my daughter around. And, whilst I only have one child, there always seems to be other teenagers around the house, which I love. I’m working on training them all to be a bit tidier - but thats a whole other story!!

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