Young Charlie Chaplin

Ian Porter

South East
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30th March 2020
Chaplin | Charlie Chaplin | The Little Tramp | Young Charlie Chaplin

This talk tells you about Charlie's life before he became a superstar. His childhood years in poverty, in and out of the workhouse in Lambeth, and then as a child performer in the theatre and as a young comedian in the music hall. And how he became discovered and ended up in Hollywood.

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About Ian Porter

I am a historian, novelist, public speaker and walks guide. I guide 50 different walks in London and do 25 different talks, on history subjects. My particular expertise is 19th and early 20th century women's history such as the Suffragettes, Women in the Great War, Elizabeth Garrett Anderson: First Woman Doctor. Other talks include The Real Downton Abbey: What It Wad Really Like To Be In Service, The Titanic: What Happened After The Ship Sank, The Real Mr Selfridge, Call the Midwife, Young Dickens, Young Chaplin, Famous Murders 1811-1911, the Golden Age of Travel 1836-1936, Historic Greenwich, Theatre in Shakespeare's Time, The Kray Twins, I am available to do talks throughout Hampshire, Surrey, Berkshire, Bucks & London, I can also do talks in Sussex, West Kent and Wiltshire but only in the daytime due to the extra mileage involved. At the talks I sell my two most recent novels, Suffragette Autumn Women's Spring (set on the Titanic and then in Canada and London 1912/14) & A Plague On Both Your Houses (set in both London & Berlin in 1918/19).

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