North Korea

Iain Walton

East Midlands
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21st February 2020

Recounting my travels in North Korea whilst the missiles were being fired. This talk shows the people and places in this secretive but very interesting state with photographs, videos and maps.

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About Iain Walton

Born in Nottinghamshire, UK, in 1970, this Englishman abroad travels both on holiday and in connection with working on international construction projects as a Chartered Surveyor, with over 80 countries visited.

My passion for travel was ignited by family friends showing an impressionable teenager photographs of their world travels back in the 1980s.

Conscious that I am very fortunate in life to be able to travel the world, and friends telling me how much they enjoy armchair travelling with me, my aim is to give my travels a wider audience with talks, photographs and videos.

So if you are unable to travel, for whatever reason, travel vicariously with me and be my proxy Passepartout.

I provide my own high definition short throw projector, 80 inch screen and laptop. All I require is a table and a socket outlet close by.

Explore. Dream. Discover.

And above all else…ENJOY!

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