Bottom Up: Coming back from the end of everything.

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12th February 2022
Resilience | Motivation | Inspiration | Self Development

In 2015, I found myself back in London, alone and broke. About to be divorced at the age of 36, crippled with anxiety and suffering with an undiagnosed endocrine disorder.

When I thought things couldn't get any worse, I lost my job twice in a year. Becoming increasingly unwell both mentally and physically I thought I would never get back on my feet.

Bottom Up: Coming back from the end of everything, tells my story of resilience, self-discovery, tenacity and my road to success and happiness.

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About Tara Huddless

I am an advocate of STEM careers and women in business, a connector of people, a motivational speaker, a coach and mentor, and a sales professional. My sales career spans more than 16 years, and I have worked in Events Management, Fitness, Pharmaceuticals, IT, Telecommunications and Technology, as well as running a successful part-time business. Using my networking skills, I have forged strategic, lasting relationships that have enabled me to transition across industries.

I specialise in resilience, career change, networking skills and career strategy. My resilience talk "Bottom Up" tells my story of coming back from divorce, redundancy and mental illness.

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