How Far Will Retro Go?

John Griffiths-Colby

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27th October 2021
Fashion | Lifestyle | Change | Online

Out of date, outmoded, out of here – fashion is only predictable in as much as it is fickle and perhaps in knowing that what goes around, will come around. Is Retro really a style or just recycling – how much of it can we digest when we remember it from the first time around? Was it even new then? Also has the ascendance of male grooming and eating out replaced the attractiveness of a bloke who looks like he needs a good meal? It worked so well for James Dean, Jim Morrison, Oliver Tobias and Frank Sinatra – what’s going on?

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About John Griffiths-Colby

I have a wide-ranging background in Journalism, Business Consultancy, Public Speaking and Celebrant. I have written extensively for National and Regional magazines, providing satirical and lifestyle columns for the New Statesman and Italian Bike magazines respectively. In my day job as a Business Consultant I deal in business change and I see what works and what doesn’t, in life as well as in business. My blog is at All my talks are illustrated, just that; I talk and there are pictures which will illustrate and explain as a background to the subject. I am reliably informed my talks are funny, a little abstract but ultimately thought-provoking. I will adapt and tailor my talks to your audience as part of the fixed price. I also take commissions for specific material/audiences. My aim is to engage and inform my audience without being too serious. This will be a sideways view of life and the audience will need to think a bit, laugh a bit and take a new thought away with them.

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