The NHS and my part in its downfall

nicki Howe

South East
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16th September 2019
Nhs | Politics | History Of Nhs | Personal Nhs Experience

With A career spanning 42 years in the NHS I have been through many changes and reorganisations including the most recent major change of the Health and Social Care Act 2012. I started out as a biomedical scientist and moved to hospital management and project management, including managing The Year 2000 to commissioning. Specialised Commissioning is for low volumes of high cost services, individual funding is treatment for individuals when they have needs that are not usually met, the private sector can be used to provide a number of services. I link my experiences to the history of the NHS, starting with the birth of the NHS in 1948 and showing the discoveries and developments that have shaped medical care during the life of the NHS.

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About nicki Howe

I retired from working for the NHS for 42 years in 2017. My career was varied. I started as a biomedical scientist and ended as an NHS commissioner with project management, a construction project and Year 2000 in between. Commissioning included ‘specialised services - high cost low numbers and individual funding requests as well as using private providers for nhs appointments. I have always been interested in the NHS in it’s history, the politics and developments. I link the history of the NHS with my own experience.

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