Barrow to Baghdad & Back Again

Philip Caine

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14th September 2019
Adventure | Amusing | Author | Inspiration

BARROW TO BAGHDAD & BACK AGAIN (My career story) My talk begins with me leaving school and ends with the writing of my first novel.

  • I talk about my time as a chef and manager in the hotel industry (10 yrs ).
  • Then talk about my time working in the oil business on rigs in the North Sea (17 yrs ).
  • Then about my time in Algeria – in the oil business (1 yr )
  • Then about my time in Nigeria – in the oil business (1 yr )
  • Then about Kazakhstan and Russia (7 yrs )
  • Then about my time in Baghdad working for the American Coalition (7yrs)
  • Then about my time running companies in Dubai and Iraq (4 yrs)

I talk about things that happened to me in the various places I have worked, with plenty of interest, humour and inspiration.

Finally, I talk about my factitious adventure / thriller novels (currently 7) all inspired by my ten years in the Middle East.

Running time approx. 45/50 minutes (not including question time)

BBC Radio Cumbria, That’s Lancashire TV, BBC Radio Lancashire, and That’s Manchester TV, have all featured my story.

I have undertaken over 300 speaking engagements in the last three & half years, all of which have been well attended and received and have been guest speaker to groups such as the WI, the U3A, Inner Wheel, Rotary. Round Table, Probus etc.

My website provides further information and testimonials.

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About Philip Caine

Born in 1950, in Barrow-in- Furness, Philip’s working life began in the hotel business. His career developed in the oil industry and 30 years were spent in places such as the North Sea, Algeria, Nigeria, Kazakhstan and Russia. From 2003, he spent 7 years in post war Baghdad, working with the American coalition, then a further 3 years running oil services companies in Dubai. He retired in 2015 and began WRITING & PUBLIC SPEAKING, since then he has spoken at over 300 venues and written 7 fictional adventure thrillers.

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