From Dreamer to Writer

Joan Harthan, PhD

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27th January 2020
Dreams | Author | Self-Help | Decision Making

Joan will talk about some of the major life changes she has made because of her night-time dreams, including becoming a full time writer. Her talk will illustrate that the wisdom and advice contained in our night time dreams can give us the courage to make major life changes, confident that those changes are serving our higher purpose. Her talk will inspire those wanting to make changes but, for whatever reason, feel unable to do so.

Currently with a coven of books (thirteen - all available on Amazon) she has many more projects underway. Having recorded her dreams for over thirty years, she will show how her dreams gave her the confidence to make many major life changes and also facilitated a major breakthrough in her doctoral research (chemistry). Her dreams continue to inform her work and her life.

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About Joan Harthan, PhD

Joan is an Author and Dream Worker/Interpreter. She is a retired Lecturer from The University of Nottingham and is an experienced speaker for audiences of all sizes and ages. She has been working in the field of dreams for over thirty years. An active member of the International Association for the Study of Dreams, she has presented at conferences in America and Europe and contributes articles to various magazines.

She began her writing career whilst still working but in 2011 took early retirement to write full time. To date she has published thirteen books - seven non-fiction titles (including books to help those wishing to explore their own dreams) and six fiction titles.

She also facilitates Saddleworth Writers’ Group.

For more information, visit her author page on Amazon or her website at

She offers a variety of talks and workshops. Below are just some of the areas covered:


  • Dream Interpretation (talks and workshops).
  • Lucid Dreams, Precognitive Dreams, Spiritual Dreams
  • The Gift of Nightmares
  • Using Dreams to Change Your Life
  • Shamanic Dreaming (workshop)
  • Using Dreams as a Creative Resource (workshops)


  • My Career as a Successful Indie Author
  • Walking & Writing the South West Coast Path
  • Creative Writing (workshops)

Expenses (and fee if applicable) are dependent on locality and travel time.

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