Posted in the Past

Helen Baggott

South West
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Author & Researcher
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5th February 2020
Genealogy Postcards History

Based on the book Posted in the Past, this talk reveals the true stories behind postcards sent in the early years of the 20th century. Using genealogy, Helen has researched the families to reveal their stories. Illustrated by images of some of the postcards, this talk shares some of those stories.

A young pupil writing to a teacher, a courting couple that might get married, a 10-year-old servant working for a laundress in 19th-century Bath, the man who helped prepare Kitchener’s last meal, and a maid who worked for Edward VII’s doctor – all are connected by messages sent using the first real social media phenomenon of the 20th century.

The safe arrival of a precious grandchild, a train delayed by the first national rail strike, bad weather, good luck – messages that go beyond ‘wish you were here?’ and open the door to the past. Weavers, button makers, butlers, motor bus drivers, a fitter of sanitary appliances and even the owner of a steamship – industrious employment from mills to the sea and all revealed in Posted in the Past.

This talk includes a selection of the above stories and others.

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About Helen Baggott

Helen Baggott grew up in Swanage. Although she no longer lives in the seaside town, home is still in Dorset.

She is a freelance editor and writer. She particularly enjoys social history and local history and has written for local magazines.

Her most recent project is researching the stories behind postcards sent more than 100 years ago. The first collection of stories has been published in Posted in the Past.

"I was enthralled by the social history that you extracted from the cards: so many stories hinted at by so few words, and all waiting to be uncovered by sympathetic and subtle research." R.R., Wimborne

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