300 Year Emergence of Sustainability as a concept - Where to Now?

Alexandra Gillies

Alexandra's Africa Safaris and Retreats
Notice Period:
Short (maybe less than one month's notice)
Competent Speaker (Toastmasters trained/experienced) - A Rotary, U3A and a Women's Institute Speaker.
Paid: £40 + travel expenses @ 0.45p per mile (statutory)
20th September 2021
Sustainable Tourism | Responsible Tourism | Sustainability | Sustainable Development

In this talk I explore the 300 year emergence of the concept of sustainability and the origin of the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The talk includes an explanation of the move from corporate sustainable responsibility and what is often famously refered to as the great global 'Corporate Disconnect', and why all businesses big and small now need to embrace the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals. In the talk I draw on my own inspiration and sustainability journey as an entrepreneur. The talk will take approx. 30 mins allowing for a 15 min Q&A follow up - so 45 mins in total. The talk can be offered via Zoom or in person (allowing for social distancing).

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About Alexandra Gillies

Current: An experienced Toastmaster and public speaker, Alexandra is MD of Alexandra's Africa Safaris, is certified in Sustainable Tourism and currently (between Safaris and running her company) doing a PhD in Sustainable Tourism through Winchester University. She has recently spoken at a number of Rotary events, U3A events and is a speaker for Hampshire Women's Institute! She has also given a number of lectures via Zoom to students and lecturers in Switzerland, France and Helsinki.

Background: Alexandra has spent 40 years exploring Southern Africa! UK born, she was raised and educated in South Africa and Botswana, studied zoology and oceanography at the University of Cape Town and worked in conservation in Namibia before moving into international IT consulting. Over a period of 25 years in the IT consulting world during which she completed an MSc in technology management, she returned often to southern Africa, drawn to continue exploring the vast game reserves of the drier northern areas of South Africa and the Tuli Block of Botswana.

Noticing the challenges as South Africa emerges from the legacy of apartheid, and inspired by the benefit of encouraging sustainable tourism into off-the-beaten track areas, she moved back to her conservation roots and set up Alexandra’s Africa in 2012. She now works with local South African based partners, suppliers and guides to showcase this beautiful region in a responsible/sutainable way.

In 2017 Alexandra was awarded a certificate in Sustainable Tourism by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council, she has a BSc Hons. degree in Zoology and Oceanography, an MSc in Technology Management and is currently studying for a PhD in the field of Sustainable Tourism.

Alexandra is a keen photographer, and trail walker - as well as an ex-marathon runner. She runs her company Alexandra's Africa Safaris and Retreats from her New Forest, Hampshire UK base.

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