Detecting Forged Signatures

John Jameson-Davis

JamesonD Handwriting Specialist
South West
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25th March 2019
Forensics | Handwriting | Signatures | Graphology

Using a projector to illustrate, I explain the basic principles of examining Questioned Signatures (those which have been challenged or doubted for some reason, perhaps on a Will or other document).

The fascinating study of following the trail of clues within the pen strokes is revealed as I take my listeners on a journey of detection, each Questioned Signature a potential crime scene in itself.

I explain how forgers attempt to pass off signatures as genuine and how handwriting specialists try to uncover their devious tricks!

I use samples from real cases which have been through the public courts or are otherwise in the public domain, and I anonymise aspects of other samples to protect identities.

As a performer on stage (mainly comedy roles in Shakespeare), I enjoy entertaining and bring a light touch to my talks.

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About John Jameson-Davis

Born and bred in Bournemouth, I moved to Dorchester in 1994 and later to Wiltshire, where I still live. I became interested in handwriting in the 1970s and trained professionally at the turn of the century. I am qualified as a graphologist and a Questioned Document examiner.

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