5 steps to being a bee's best friend

Dr Fiona Mansfield

South East
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25th September 2019
Gardening | Wildlife | Biodiversity | Sustainability

Many British wildlife species are in decline as they come under increasing pressure from habitat loss, climate change and intensive methods of agriculture, including the use of pesticides.

Small changes in the way we garden can have huge impacts on our local biodiversity and the overall health of our gardens and wildlife populations. Hobby and amateur gardeners as well as allotment holders are a vital part of the conservation landscape and have a vital role to play in giving a helping hand to humanity's most industrious and important insects.

My aim is to change the way we garden as a nation - one garden at a time. Let me show you some quick and simple ways you can make a difference. Applying a few simple principles to the way you garden will make a significant difference to their populations and ultimately the sustainability of our food supply.

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About Dr Fiona Mansfield

As a child growing up on a farm in Sussex I developed a passion for nature and the environment. After leaving school I went on to study for a BSc in Environmental Biology, followed by a PhD in Microbial Ecology where I developed a love for medieval re-enactment and cooking. Since then I have spent 17 years as a Biology teacher inspiring the next generation to develop a life-long love of learning and biology, whilst continuing to expand my own sphere of scientific understanding and interest. I currently continue to teach part time and run my own gardening business, with a strong focus on sustainability and wildlife gardening. In my spare time I enjoy cooking for friends, watching history and archaeology documentaries, reading science fiction and fantasy novels and singing in my local choral society.

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