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Janette Merilion

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10th January 2019

101 my Favourite Plants A talk that shows plants that will work hard for you, providing interest for more than one season, with their colour, perfume or form.

A Calendar of Colour This talk covers plants that will provide all year round interest, as well as looking at the appropriate birthday plants for each month.

Birds, Butterflies and Bees All the information you need to plant up your garden to encourage wildlife to visit. Everything from blackbirds to hoverflies and butterflies to hedgehogs.

​Brightening up the ShadeEven the darkest corner can appear lighter with the right planting and this lecture discusses the plants that will thrive in shady areas, on wet and dry soils whether it is sandy or on a clay base.

Christmas Crackers Folk lore associated with Christmas plants, suitable plants for gifts and what is looking good in the garden over the Christmas period.

Drought Resistant Plants With the effects of global warming, our gardens seem to be dryer and hotter, these plants are built to cope with such conditions and we'll look at the methods they use to do it.

French Renaissance Gardens The advancement of formality, started in Italy and then developed to the grandeur of gardens created by Le Notre that spread across France and all over Europe.

Garden Design - from Roman Times to Present Day This talk takes a look at garden features from the past and how they can be brought right up to date. Learn why the Victorians went mad on colour and bedding plants. Then discover why the monastic style for vegetable growing is still the best method today.

Gardening through the Ages A lecture where you will discover such information as when the first Wheelbarrow appeared; why the Crown imperial became popular; where Ellen Wilmott's fortune disappeared and what the X's stand for in a well known brand of beer.

Gardening on Walls and Fences Discover how to fill the void above your garden with climbers and wall shrubs while tucking in tender plants at their base to give them protection. We will also explore the advantages of the shade provided and see what will successfully grow there.

Gardens of the Tsars - From Moscow to St Petersburg How European gardens influenced Peter the Great and Catherine the Great to produce beautiful gardens with no expense spared.

Going Dutch How dutch garden design crossed the channel and influenced English gardens at the time of William and Mary and today.

Ideas for Improving your Garden Garden design saves money and provides a retreat that matches your lifestyle and budget. Learn how to make your garden look wider and longer. Create interest and mystery where none was there before.

Madeira – The Island of Flowers Five climatic zones allowing plants from all over the world to thrive throughout the year.

​Medieval Gardening Looking at Monastic type gardening - where the plants came from and what they were used for. Plus gardens of the nobility and their design.

Plants for Difficult Places There is a plant that will grow in the most awkward spot, whether it is deep shade, shallow chalk or where the rabbits love to graze.

Plants for the Month of......... Choose a month and see what is flowering as well as learning about their other attributes.

Renaissance Gardens 16th century gardens of Italy and how they came to England changing the style and layouts of Elizabethan Gardens.

​Small is Beautiful Trees and shrubs for small gardens

​Some of my Favourite Gardens Some are internationally known, but many are little gems created by ordinary people from scratch and often on a shoestring.

Spring Fever Plants to welcome the year and put some zing into your borders.

​The Brighter Side of Winter This talk takes into account the wide variety of foliage, bark and berries produced. The cold season can still be made interesting and give the feeling of warmth.

The Flower Arranger's Garden With the right planting, there should always be something in the garden to create a spectacular arrangement at any time of the year.

The Genius of the Georgians Inspired by the European Grand Tour, the park and garden merged into one, with lakes, grottos and amazing follies. How and why it happened and who were responsible for this dramatic change.

​The Scented Garden How to maintain an all year round fragrance using a variety of aromatic herbs, sweet scented flowers and crushed fruity foliage.

The Sensual Garden A garden should be inviting, attracting you inside and appealing to all of your senses. Plants that are perfumed, sounds that are musical and even the spiritual feeling of a garden can be created with the right design and imaginative planting.

​The Tints of Autumn A season of foliage, flowers and fruit with the garden coming to an end in an explosion of colour.

Tudor Gardens A time of travel and conquest turning gardens from utilitarian to works of art

Unexpected Tales of Plants and Gardens This very popular talk covers all the topics offered by a good book. History, money, royalty, intrigue, even a little sex!

What's in a Name? Once you understand the meaning behind a plants name, you will know where it came from, what its growth habit is and who discovered it. Secrets that help you decide whether it is a good plant for your garden.

​Yesterday's Plants for Today's Gardens This talk looks at plants that have been grown through the centuries. We will look at how they were used in the household and where they may be grown to full effect today.

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About Janette Merilion

Janette Merilion is a well known horticultural lecturer, historian, television presenter, tour leader with a successful garden design business based in central Lincolnshire.

Janette attended De Montfort University studying horticulture and garden design, winning the student of the year award. She started her design business in 1994 offering a personal, professional service and since then over 300 garden designs have been completed at an affordable price and to client's satisfaction.

Janette has had a love affair with plants all of her life and her plant knowledge is second to none. She is a talented, innovative designer, whose knowledge and enthusiasm for garden design and garden history has led her to teaching at various educational establishments and speaking Worldwide.

Other work includes radio broadcasts for the BBC and a series of makeovers for Yorkshire television. Janette is a registered speaker of the Royal Horticultural Society and her list of talks ranges from seasonal flowers to garden design through the ages. Janette believes that talks should both educate and entertain. Through her different roles she has gathered together many anecdotes alongside beautiful photography.

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