BOCM: Hull's Forgotten Garden Village

David Alexander Smith

Yorkshire & Humber
Notice Period:
Regular (more than one month's notice)
Paid: £50 (in Hull and east Yorkshire, a higher fee applies outside this area)
26th August 2019
Garden Villages | British Oil And Cake Mills | Hull | Company History

Everyone one has heard of Reckitt's Garden Village in Hull but there is another garden village built by the British Oil and Cake Mills for its workers which is still in existence today. This illustrated talk explores the reasons why it was built as well as when and how it was built.

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About David Alexander Smith

I am a local historian and the former Local Studies Librarian for Hull City Council. As a volunteer I assist in the planning/running of the Heritage Open Days on behalf of the Hull Civic Society. In addition to this I am the author of two books: Paull: an Illustrated History and Forgotten Hull 3.

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