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Shelley Lozano

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17th July 2018
Wildlife | Big Cats | Educational | Animals

Shelley is passionate about big cats, has studied feline behaviour and psychology and regularly supports several endangered wildlife conservation projects overseas. This illustrated talk is ideal for schools or photography clubs or where there is a special interest in wildlife conservation. Shelley is completely self-contained with screen, projector and PA and gives an insight into conservation issues, the illegal pet trade, ivory poaching, wildlife trafficking, human-wildlife conflict and animals used for entertainment and can adapt her talk to suit different audiences and age groups.

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About Shelley Lozano

Shelley Lozano has had an interesting and unusual career working worldwide as a professional entertainer in Cabaret for over 40 years but she has always had a passion for big cats and has worked with and supported many endangered wildlife charities. Shelley has had the pleasure of working with many named Artistes including Tony Christie, Ken Dodd, Frankie Vaughan and Bob Monkhouse. Guest appearances on TV include “What`s My Line?”, “Love me Love me not”, ‘The Time the Place’, Channel 4 production of Peter Kay's series 'Phoenix Nights', ‘Cybercafe’ and “Date my Daughter”. Her illustrated talks are delivered with passion and enthusiasm along with a little humour. As well as being fun, informative, educational and entertaining, all talks are accompanied by photo's, videos and power-point presentations as well as a question and answer session and she is completely self-contained. Although based in Hampshire, UK, Shelley is happy to travel and can offer up to 3 different talks to suit audiences of both adults and children of all ages and for a variety of venues, functions and events.

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