3000 Years of History from under the sea

Ronald Howell

South West
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5th June 2018

The finding of four historically important shipwrecks from the Bronze Age to the 17th Century by an amateur team of divers, the wrecks were carrying gold, weapons, tin and copper one find resulting in proving a trade link from Sicily to Northern Europe 3,500 years ago.

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About Ronald Howell

Have been a diver for over 50 years and dived many of the countries historic wreck sites, the main ones being the 'Gold' wreck and Bronze Age wrecks off Salcombe, Devon. The Bronze Age wrecks are now described as one of the most important maritime discoveries of the period in the world. I also have a talk about the salvaging of a Cunard Liner torpedoed in the 1st World War by a small team of divers, raising a large amount of ships silver. Another talk is about a small Ketch lost in 1912 and discovered in 2003 with a fascinating story of Victorian Maritime History leading to War Memorial in Topsham in Devon. My talks are about the excitement of the discovery of historic artefacts and treasure by a small team of divers. Please contact me for a full list of my talks

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