Radio Caroline

Brian Cullen

North West
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7th July 2018
Radio | Broadcasting

Radio Caroline was Britain's first commercial radio station. In this 1 hour presentation you can enjoy great photos of the ships (there were two...) plus hear audio of the broadcasts from the original vessel M.V. Caroline which was anchored in International waters 4 miles off Ramsey Bay, Isle of Man with the call sign of RADIO CAROLINE NORTH. Listen to the sounds of the D.J.'s, the jingles, plus exclusive interviews with some of the original 'Good Guys' on board the station which became 'the sound of the nation' in the 1960's......

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About Brian Cullen

Brian Cullen has been a professional radio presenter since 1974. He 'got the radio bug' by listening to Radio Caroline in the 1960's. He has built up a wealth of radio knowledge over many years, working for both BBC and commercial radio stations. Now things have come full circle as he hosts a show on the internet station 'Radio Caroline Flashback'..! Brian provides a unique talk about the beginnings of offshore radio in the U.K. centred on the original ship MV Fredericia which became Radio Caroline North. See photos of the original D.J.'s who pioneered commercial radio in the swinging 60's and listen to some of the original shows that were beamed from the radio ships 'when pirates ruled the waves'!!

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