Marilyn Monroe – Tales and Tragedy

Danielle Barnett

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Professional entertainment
1st October 2020
Biographical | Entertainment | Film | Movie Stars

The rise and eclipse of a true Hollywood legend. The somewhat sad and lonely life which was hidden behind this mask of beauty.

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About Danielle Barnett

Join Danielle Barnett for a series of passionate and energetic talks that encourage audience participation, and create a fun and lively atmosphere.

Danielle offers a wealth of knowledge from her life in music, having seen the industry from both sides of the stage. She is the lead singer for the world famous number 1 chart act Urban Cookie Collective who had a big hit with The Key The Secret in 1993 - and she has fronted the act for over 20 years. She still tours alongside a plethora of stars.

Danielle has a background in band management and songwriting, creating and taking to market two top 10 worldwide chart acts.

Her talks include the life stories of a series of legendary stars, and she takes the audience on an exciting journey through the extremes of their rollercoaster lives

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