Poetry - serious and humorous

Chris M L Burleigh

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14th February 2018
Humour | Poetry | Comic Verse

Reading selected poems from my collection Particles of Light .

There will be poems to move you, to surprise you, and to make you laugh.

I will then explain why I decided to write some of them, and why they are written the way they are. This will give you insight into the mind of the writer, and why each poem is constructed the way it is.

The humorous poems and one-liners are there for entertainment, to be enjoyed, though they often contain a 'sting in the tail'.

The session will always include Q&A and discussion time.

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About Chris M L Burleigh

Particles of Light - Poetry, humorous poems, wordplay, and witty one-liners

My book has been well received by readers who are completely unknown to me, on Netgalley and GoodReads:

‘This book is both lyrical and beautiful. The poetry is so magical, I just can't get enough!’

‘Chris Burleigh's poetry is beautiful and haunting....each poem is a vivid story weaved into a small space.’

‘Beautiful imagery, really nice poems’

'The poetry was extremely well-written and I found that each individual poem contributed well to the overall feeling of the collection'

'the poems become something more, often resembling moving organisms, while others are more like beautifully crafted sculptures.'

'one-liners really worked well ... I honestly found myself laughing out loud’

The book is a collection of poems and wit, with something for everyone. There are poems on life, nature, love, sex, and a large section of one-liners, puns, and humorous poems. Much of the collection is light-hearted and playful, though often with a more serious intent.

I have written poetry all my life. I have won several poetry competitions and have been published in anthologies, before self-publishing this collection. I write when I have something to say about life and the world we live in, and I think I have found the right way to say it. I have always had a love of words and meaning, sounds, and word play.

Now retired, I have lived in the Solihull area for more than 30 years. I grew up in South London, read English at Cardiff, and worked in IT. Please note, for on-line meetings, I have selected the option that the group must organise, so that the meeting remains the group's meeting, but the organiser must be able to allow me to share my screen so everyone can see my Powerpoint presentation. It works well in Zoom.

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