The Royal Secrets of Spode

Ray Elks

West Midlands
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11th January 2018

A behind the scenes talk on Spode's connections with the Great Royal Families of Europe and in particular with the British Royal Family. Hear how Josiah Spode was a leading light in the Ceramic Industry and how he made the single most important discovery in the history of British Ceramics.

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About Ray Elks

An experienced speaker with over 30+ years of working and organising events in the Tourist, Charity and Private sector alongside famous people and Royalty alike. My talks range from Local history,Domestic Violence*,Places of interest through to the British Ceramic History including "The Royal Secrets of Spode". Talks can be tailor made to whom I am addressing i.e W.I's, Rotary etc through to pre and post Dinner talks.

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