Keeping chickens on small scale

Nigel Start

East of England
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24th March 2019
Animals | Gardening | Pets

A guide for those who keep, or would like to keep a small flock of chickens in the garden or allotment

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About Nigel Start

My love of gardening started in the late seventies when my first small house came with a large plot. I found the best way to manage it was by growing fruit and vegetables, with the help of a small flock of chickens to clear the weeds and fertilise the ground. We very quickly became self-sufficient for a good bit of our food, and have been so for nearly 40 years. I started talking about my experiences to clubs and societies in the Cambridge area over 10 years ago. Other talks, all from personal experience, include pruning techniques, keeping chickens, gardening history, growing for shows and using Biodynamics techniques.

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