Where do an author's ideas come from?

Rosemary Kind

Yorkshire & Humber
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29th November 2017
Author | Entertainment | Humour | Light-Hearted

An exploration of how everyday comments and objects can spark the idea for a whole book. The talk covers a range of writing from humour to novels and poetry and includes readings from some of the author's books to illustrate the topics covered. This is a talk designed to entertain an audience.

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About Rosemary Kind

Rosemary J. Kind is the author of a number of books, both fiction and non-fiction. She is a regular speaker at writing conferences providing sessions for both readers and writers alike. Her hobby is developing the Entlebucher Mountain Dog Breed in the UK for which she not only speaks to interested parties about the breed, but also delivers training sessions to prepare judges for the show ring. Prior to writing full-time, Rosemary held a number of senior management positions in industry and was regularly invited to speak on a range of subjects from the psychology of internet use, to improving the performance of a business. In both her writing and speaking her style is light and accessible and is always tailored to her audience.

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