All things Chocolate

Miss Sarah Tomkinson

Yorkshire Chocolatier
Yorkshire & Humber
Notice Period:
Short (maybe less than one month's notice)
Paid: £60, if it's within 10 miles of WF17 this includes my travel
22nd November 2021
Chocolate | Business | History | Flavouring

The talk I do is called 'All Things Chocolate' and I go through history of chocolate, how it gets from a tree to a bar. What I do with it, how to temper chocolate for those wishing to try and have a go. I talk with the group about flavours (good and bad!). I finish on setting up a business, my plans for the future and take any questions during or at the end, don't mind either way! I have props for the cacoa pod, pictures of the trees and pods etc, chocolate moulds and callets. I also pass round some goodies mid talk. If the group allow it I usually bring my goods for a no obligation table sale afterwards or just for people to see what we've just been talking about.

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About Miss Sarah Tomkinson

I am a chocolatier who originally built my business whilst working but now I am full time chocolate! I am passionate about chocolate and my business and have been told this really comes across in my talk. I have delivered quite a lot of talks now to a real mix of groups and ages and have had great feedback on the mix of information provided and keeping everyone entertained!

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