The Joy of Bonsai

Ray Couldwell

North West
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22nd November 2017
Gardening | Hobbies | Horticulture | Nature

The talk consists of me bringing along a selection of bonsai trees of different sizes and styles and discussing the origins and horticulture of the art of bonsai. The talk is about my love of this hobby and the enjoyment I get out of it and to encourage others to also try growing these fascinating miniature trees. I try to encourage audience participation to enhance the enjoyment of the talk. The talk is suitable for all ages and abilities and doesn't need any specialist equipment. Anyone can bring along their bonsai to the talk for guidance as I will be more than glad to help with any problems.

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About Ray Couldwell

My name is Ray Couldwell, and I have been involved in Bonsai for the last 30 years in the east Lancashire area (Accrington). I have been chairman of the Accrington and District Bonsai Society for 12 years and chairman of the Fylde Bonsai Society for the last 3 years. I have been doing these talks for 10 years to W Is, Probus, U3As, gardening clubs, schools, OAP homes etc..

I will bring along a display of Bonsai and discuss the culture and horticulture of this fascinating hobby. The talk is very light hearted and I encourage audience participation.

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