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First and foremost, I am a shameless dreamer and a wannabe. I dream big - as big as being a part of the force that will make the world a better place - and I'm on a mission to liberate the dreamer part of us that we safely tucked away as the layers of the 'real world' wrapped themselves around us. I am absolutely convinced that if we all unleashed our individual dreamers and watched the effects ripple, we'd witness the trajectory of the world's direction change almost overnight.

Secondary to the above, but still important: I am a qualified Psychologist and a certified holistic, trauma-informed Life Coach. I am currently simultaneously pursuing a postgrad degree in the pioneering field of Psychedelics: Mind, Medicine and Culture at the University of Exeter and a Breathwork facilitator course (there's SO much science behind it that it blows my mind!). Prior to that, for over a decade, I was a Public Service interpreter facilitating communication between non-English speakers and institutions, such as the Police, HM Courts and Tribunals, Probation, etc. Prior to that yet, I managed teams in busy hospitality environments.

As a result of my combined education, skills, experience, insights and dreams to make the world a better place, I speak about and run workshops on:

The role and use of everyday language to rewire our brain and regain personal power over the situations that life throws at us, applicable in any context

The neuroscience of (day)dreaming and how to rewire oneself to become more creative in the everyday out-of-the-box solution -finding

Science- and observation-informed links between living in the 'perpetual growth' culture and the worsening state of the collective mental health

The thin line between the good and the harmful to be considered when rolling out new technologies (as informed by the complexities of the 'Psychedelics Renaissance'

Ambitious, I know! But how else can one change the world if not by being ambitious?!

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