Sailing the Atlantic with the Jubilee Sailing Trust

Norman Harris

North West
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20th November 2017
Travel | Sailing | Disabled | Charity

My account of the working of the Jubilee Sailing Trust and my 4000+ mile voyage from Nova Scotia to the Azores and to the River Thames on board the Lord Nelson, a magnificent 500 ton square-rigged sailing ship. The Trust enables able-bodied people and people of all types of disabilities to experience life at sea working together and taking a full part in the ship’s operation and to have a lot of enjoyment at the same time! Brilliant experience for all ages over 16

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About Norman Harris

Now retired (early) from British Aerospace where he was the Assistant Engineering Manager on the Tornado ADV. He’s flown 7 miles high and pulled 6G in a Tornado. He went truck driving around Europe for a year when he retired driving 17 and 38 ton articulated trucks ‘just for the hell of it’. His hobbies are fell walking, painting, computing and classic car restoration A few years ago he rode his Harley-Davidson across the USA from Philadelphia to San Francisco and back. He’s been trekking the Himalayas to Everest Base camp and the High Andes in Peru to Machu Picchu. He’s ridden from Las Vegas to Sturgis in South Dakota to attend the biggest motorcycle rally in the world and crewed a square-rigger 6000 miles out in the Atlantic, visited China, Norway and many cities in the USA but as they say, that’s another story….. All my talks are projected Powerpoint with many colour images and videos to illustrate the talks with lots of information and stories about the places I have visited.

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