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Pen Turner

West Midlands
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Life Skills
19th November 2017
Education | Statistics

Have you ever wondered what is behind news items that start by saying 'A recent government survey reveals...'. This talk is about my current job working for the Office of National Statistics. I describe how I came to work at collecting this information; the variety of topics covered by our surveys, from the food we eat to who uses the internet; how the surveys are created; how people are selected for interview, and why I have no such thing as an 'average day'. I realise this subject has the potential to be as exciting as watching paint dry, but I promise not to bore my audience with a load of statistics!

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About Pen Turner

About me; Born and bred in London, I had pursued careers varying from a librarian to a remedial massage therapist. Then in my fifties, I made the decision to walk away from my old life, travel around the world and achieve some of the things on my ‘wish list’. Now happily settled in Shropshire, I give talks to try and persuade other people that they should go out and fulfil their own dreams too.

My talks are around 45 minutes, allowing for a further 15 minutes of questions. I can present my talks either with or without a Powerpoint presentation (depending on the facilities available at your venue). I provide my own laptop and projector. I just need a screen or white wall to project on to. I am happy to travel throughout Shropshire and into Cheshire, Staffordshire and West Midlands My standard fee is £45 for an evening or daytime talk plus 33p per mile travel expenses from my base near Shrewsbury, Shropshire.

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