Drawing the Baroque landscape – Kip, Knyff & English Gentlemen

Ray Biggs

East Midlands
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19th November 2017
Gardens | Historic | Design | Biography

A journey around England during the 17th & 18th centuries, looking at the evolution of the garden and landscape park and the lives of the men who recorded them. The engravings of Kip & Knyff contrast with modern photographs

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About Ray Biggs

Associated with the historic house environment since 1989. Currently manages the visitor programme for the Grimsthorpe & Drummond Castle Trust in Lincolnshire and Perthshire (www.grimsthorpe.co.uk). Founder and chairman of the historic houses group 'Hidden England' (www.hiddenengland.org.uk) Previous time spent with the National Trust in Derbyshire and Staffordshire. Netherlands lecture tours to the GNE (Genootschap Nederland-Engeland) 2006-09. Lecturer at Stamford Georgian Festival (Georgian gardens & Sheffield Plate) A member of the Antiquarian Spalding Gentlemen’s Society (2000-2014). Collector of Sheffield Plate Baker of artisan bread MA at Leicester University (dept. of Museum Studies).

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