Rag, Bones and Donkey Stones

Harold Hoggarth

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Paid: I ask for £1.00 per-person attending with a min fee of £35.00 max £50.00 plus travel.
21st January 2021
Nostalgia | By Gone Days

A week in the life of Grandma: Life was much more ordered in days gone by, with each day having its own jobs to be done. How things have changed in our lifetime. Now imagine what our grandchildren will be telling their grandchildren, as they relate the things their grandma (or granddad) did. (N.B. This talk is more suited to ladies groups or mixed groups) N.B This talk doesn't lend its self to Zoom.

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About Harold Hoggarth

My name is Harold Hoggarth I was born in Nelson Lancashire during the second world war. I now live in Barnoldswick on the Lancashire / Yorkshire Border.

It looks like lockdown is coming to an end. I have been getting a few live talks booked in for the next few months but I am still happy to take bookings for online talks as well, many groups are realising they can book a speaker for online deliver who would not be able to attend in person due to the cost of travel. During lock down I have had opportunity to speak in many parts of the nation from Kent to Edinburgh and many places in between. It has opened many new doors which I hope will continue when we return to more normal times.

For over 17 years I have been delivering these talks to various church and community groups; although I have been speaking in public for well over 50 years. My talks cover topics such as General and Local History, Family History, Church History, Personal History, Biographical Talks, Nostalgic Talks, Bible History talks (N.B. some talks are more suited to ladies groups some to men's groups all are suitable for mixed groups.) If you left click on the titles below you will be able to see brief details of each talk or you can see more on my website at

My Fees: I try to keep my fees affordable and ask for £1.00 for each person attending with a minimum fee of £35.00 and Maximum of £60.00 If this is a live talk as opposed to an on-line talk please check the additional cost of travel.
The money I raise from my talks after my expenses help a number of charities. I ask that payment be made to Harold Hoggarth as I distribute to my various charities on a monthly basis and this helps me keep my accounts straight.

N.B. If you make an booking enquiry please make sure to check your SPAM FOLDER in case my reply ends up there.

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