The history of Punch and Judy

Harold Hoggarth

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24th January 2019
Punch And Judy. | Victorian Entertainment | Seaside

For over 350 year Mr Punch has been entertaining the British public and has become a national institution. After all these years, he is still alive and kicking. In this talk we will look at where he came from and how he has changed over the years. We will discuss the PC of Mr P. and finish as we look at the various characters in the P & J show. Following the talk I invite members of the audience to come and handle the puppets.

Schools special version of this this talk, a 30 minute, simplified version of The History of Punch and Judy specially prepared for schools to fit in the KS1 curiculum on seaside holidays and victorian entertainment, and includes a short non violent P & J show. I do this for single class of upto 30 children. I am happy to do multi presentations.

I also do a non violent family friendly Punch and Judy show suitable for carnivals, galas, family fun days etc. For more details see my full website at then click on menu and select Punch and Judy

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About Harold Hoggarth

My name is Harold Hoggarth I was born in Nelson Lancashire during the second world war. I now live in Barnoldswick on the Lancashire / Yorkshire Border.

Having been in lockdown for the past 14 weeks due the incurable lung condition I suffer from and community groups not being able to meet, it has felt very strange when I am used to being out speaking 3 to 4 times a week. I have been busy making my talks available on line. They can delivered to your members either via Zoom or similar on line conferencing apps which can be facilitated my self or by your group leader, or via video that I can email to you. Please contact me for further details.

For over 15 years I have been delivering these talks to various church and community groups; although I have been speaking in public for well over 50 years. My talk cover topics such as General and Local History, Family History, Church History, Personal History, Biographical Talks, Nostalgic Talks, Bible based talks (N.B. some talks are more suited to ladies groups some to men's groups all are suitable for mixed groups.) If you left click on the titles below you will be able to see brief details of each talk or you can see more on my website at

My Fees: I try to keep my fees affordable and ask for £1.00 for each person attending with a minimum fee of £30.00 and Maximum of £60.00 this includes travel up to 10 mile from my home, over 10 mile please add 50 pence per mile. The money I raise from my talks after my expenses help a number of charities.

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