How the Wreck of the Rohilla Changed the History of Life Boats.

Harold Hoggarth

North West
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9th February 2019
Sea Disasters | Rnli | Hmhs Rohilla

On the 31st October 1914, the World War One hospital ship HMHS Rohilla ran aground less than half mile off Whitby North Yorkshire . The dramatic three-day rescue mission that ensued resulted in scores of lives being saved but 85 souls were lost. Man powered lifeboats struggled to reach the wreck even though it was only 400 yards from the shore . It took 3 days for the Tynemouth motor-powered lifeboat to reach it. Soon all lifeboat were to be motor powered. 15 of the medical crew were from my home town of Barnoldswick,12 of them were lost. This was the single biggest loss of life for the town in world war 1

I will donate up to 50% of my fee for this talk to the RNLI.

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About Harold Hoggarth

My name is Harold Hoggarth I was born in Nelson Lancashire during the second world war. I now live in Barnoldswick on the Lancashire / Yorkshire Border. Although I am based in Lancashire I am also happy to visit groups in North and West Yorkshire, Cumbria, Greater Manchester, Merseyside, and North Cheshire in fact anywhere anyone wishes to book me. Please remember that travel cost will be added to my fee.

For over 12 years I have been delivering talks to various church and community groups; although I have been speaking in public for well over 50 years. I have a repertoire of well over 50 talks covering such topics as General and Local History, Family History, Church History, Personal History, Biographical Talks, Nostalgic Talks, Bible based talks and After Dinner Entertainment. (N.B. some talks are more suited to ladies groups some to men's groups all are suitable for mixed groups.) If you left click on the titles below you will be able to see brief details of each talk or you can see more on my website at

My Fees: I try to keep my fees affordable and ask for £1.00 for each person attending with a minimum fee of £30.00 and Maximum of £60.00 this includes travel up to 10 mile from my home, over 10 mile please add 50 pence per mile. The money I raise from my talks after my expenses helps towards the work I do in Romania with Families and Children. as well as other charities such as RNLI, Bible Societies work throughout the world, CAP 'Christians Against Poverty' and Action for Pulmonary Fibrosis. I have a wide range of interests from local history to music, theatre and puppetry, to ornithology, geology and genealogy. I love reading and writing.

I am a volunteer at the Rainhall Centre in Barnoldswick, helping to run live performance events. Past chair and founder of West Craven Family History Society and committee member and speaker secretary for the Barnoldswick Local History Society. I have recently stood down as a director of Skipton (bi-annual) International Puppet Festival,

I am a Bible Believing Christian and have for many years been in Christian ministry along side secular work much of it on part time basis. I preach regularly in churches over a wide area of Northern England as well as in Eastern Europe. I have served for over 10 years as a regional representative and speaker for Bible Society (formally British and Foreign Bible Society) although I have connections with Bible Society going back to the early 1970's. For many years I have worked with three churches in Romania, training church leaders and children's workers. I have written a number of easy to read Bible study books. You can find out more about my Christian ministry and other aspects of my life; such as my life in the entertainment industry or as a Punch and Judy Professor; by logging on to my full website at

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