Working with Police Forces Overseas

David McCaddon

North West
Notice Period:
Regular (more than one month's notice)
Rotary, Probus, WI, Book Reading Groups etc
Paid: £60 (plus mileage expenses if over 10 miles from base)
21st December 2017
Crime | Police | Career | Travel

The demand for Crime Investigation solutions is as great worldwide as it is in the UK. David has worked with Police forces in many countries worldwide including Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Botswana, USA and Canada. This talk shares some of his experience and touches on some of the more humorous moments encountered in working abroad.

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About David McCaddon

David McCaddon is an award winning playwright and author of modern Crime thriller novels. Before retiring in 2017 David was an IT systems consultant who had worked in computing for over 46 years and spent the past 34 years specialising in Law Enforcement Systems Development across Police, Prisons and Courts. His work has involved him designing and developing systems throughout a large number of the UK’s Police forces and worldwide. He now devotes most of his time as a guest speaker and author. His Crime Trilogy books “Following Digital Footprints”, “In Digital Pursuit” and "The Final Footprint" which are actually set in the North West have been published and are detective thrillers with a difference. His latest crime thriller "A Question of Time" is due for publication in 2020.

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