Body Language (2): (Liars and Lovers)

Victor Botterill

Vic Botterill Talks
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Life Skills
18th November 2017
Communication | Humour | Entertainment | Laughter

More secrets about sex signals, desire and lust. What are the signals that attract others? How to spot a lie or a liar. Spellbinding and intriguing. (Best, but not essential) when audience have already heard Body Language(1).

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About Victor Botterill

My name is Vic Botterill and I have been a public speaker for all kinds of occasions for more years than I care to remember.

My thirty odd years in the police culminating in the the rank of Chief Inspector has given me a unique insight into Human behaviour from the ordinary to the extraordinary. I try to address the way we really are, from a multitude of fascinating, amusing and sometimes challenging views and subjects.

My talks are great for every type of gathering, tailored to fit everyone's requirements, and some are more suitable than others for after dinner events.

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