A Servant's Lot ~ life below stairs in Victorian times

Rtn Peter Hammond

East Midlands
20th April 2017

Peter is a qualified archaeologist and an experienced local and family historian. In short he loves history!

His talks mainly use slides or over-head transparencies (OHTs) and/or objects, as specified with each talk, and some of the slide talks are now also available as digital presentations.

I generally supply all necessary equipment except for a screen (if relevant) and for most of them I require some table space for displaying material.

The talks last about an hour but can be refined to suit specific requirements. I am normally only available for evenings but talks in the daytime may be arranged, particularly if they coincide with school holidays.

Peter also offers guided tours of Nottingham ~ details on request.

Peter is a fascinating speaker and his delivery style is relaxed, informative and interesting. "More like a chat than a lecture"

As you can see, he has such a wide range of topics, enough to fill any Rotary calendar.

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