Flower Power!

Russell Bowes

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10th November 2017
Art | Floral | Gardening | Horticulture

Four half-hour talks which can be combined to suit your timing needs. Beloved by artists as well as gardeners, flowers are everywhere in art. But are they just flowers or do they carry hidden meanings? Is there a deeper significance - spiritual, cultural or aesthetic - than we realise? Put on your deerstalker and prepare to exercise your little grey cells as we tour a virtual art gallery looking for the clues that artists have left for us between the petals of roses, lilies, tulips and sunflowers.

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About Russell Bowes

Russell is a freelance garden historian and has been giving talks on the subject since 2000 and in 2003 he was awarded the University of London Diploma in Garden History. He has given talks at the National Portrait Gallery, the Imperial War Museum, Chelsea Physic Garden, The Eden Project and Blenheim Palace, as well as for many National Trust Members' Associations, over 90 branches of the U3A, the WI, and hundreds of local horticultural and historical societies as far apart as Falmouth and Durham.

He lives in South East London, and although he travels by public transport, he has never found this a major problem in giving talks - one of his mottoes being "If I can get there, I will". As well as the Greater London area, Russell can usually get to most areas in Kent and the Home Counties. For talks further afield, overnight accommodation would be necessary after an evening talk.

In 2017, Russell moved to a house with a completely derelict 130 foot garden and has spent the last year digging, pruning, having bonfires, laying bricks, fighting brambles and couch grass, swearing, sweating, coping with soil composed more or less of solid clay, cursing squirrels, giving up, starting again, and rummaging through the "Reduced plants" section at the local DIY store.

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