Sentenced to 'Beyond the Seas'

David Clark

West Midlands
Notice Period:
Short (maybe less than one month's notice)
Paid: £50 plus travel of £0.50 per mile
24th March 2019
Local History | True

The true and fascinating tale of 8 Worcestershire female convicts sentenced to death or transportation in the 1780's to the 'Land Beyond the Seas'. That land was to become Australia and those women the foundation of a new nation. One of the would be the progenitor of the largest living family group in Australia today. Another would return to England a rich woman.

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About David Clark

Retired after a career that has careered all over the place including a time Germany and a number of years in Australia.

I have worked in sales, marketing, theatre management, and personnel management.

I ran my own retail business for 16 years and then worked for a national charity. During all this I spent 20 years as a city councillor including a term as Mayor of Worcester.

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