Roaming Free The New Forest- Betwixt the Grids

Suzanne Kempe

South East
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Paid: £50 plus travel expenses
6th November 2017
Wildlife | Hampshire | New Forest | Commoning

Not only do we have free roaming ponies but also cattle,donkeys and sometimes pigs! This talk will give you an insight into ‘commoning’ and how the New Forest is managed throughout the year A practice that has survived some 900 years. The New Forest is full of other interest too and in our busy lives we don’t always notice the many interesting features that can be seen as we drive the forest roads whether associated with wartime years or for our current era. This talk will certainly have you view the area with a new perspective after you have rumbled over one of the many cattlegrids !

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About Suzanne Kempe

I am a huge enthusiast of the New Forest and not only ‘run ponies on the forest’ as a ‘commoner’ but have also for many years competed with great success on these wonderful ponies.I am on the panel of New Forest pony judges and chairperson of the New Forest Pony Breeding and Cattle Society which has taken me to Europe and Scandinavia judging and promoting the ponies. I am also a keen photographer and enjoy exploring the forest with my camera My talks give me the perfect excuse to share my enthusiasm both for the ponies,the forest and for my photography! I have been giving my talks for four years and have always received excellent reviews. Although my profile notes the South East I am based SO41 area and cannot travel out of Hampshire beyond Portsmouth

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