Eclipse. The greatest racehorse that ever lived

Kay Millward

Kay Millward
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6th November 2017
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Eclipse was born in 1732, he became the founder of nearly all thoroughbred horses, never lost a race and even today his blood line can be found in modern horses world wide. Many successful horses can be traced back to Eclipse.

A fascinating story of this horse and his destiny. For those that are interested in the racehorse, and those that aren't.

A new talk for 2018 together with slides.

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About Kay Millward

My talks cover the myths and legends of Cornwall to the genealogy of the thoroughbred horse As a retired horse breeder of Trakehner horses and thoroughbreds the subject matter is close to my heart. I also lived in Cornwall for the better part of my life, although now residing in North Wales. My talks are light hearted and I have slides too. The talk that I love to do is how the Lloyds bank made their advertisement in 1989, my horse was the then Black Stallion. There is a short 5 minute film with the talk as well as slides. I am retired and love to share my experiences with you.

I cover a 30 mile radius from Mold in Flintshire, free of travel charges, but I do have to charge for anything over that. I cover Chester Cheshire, Wrexham, Oswestry and North Wales.

Talk 1. Cornish Myths and Legends. 2. Live the Dream (How the bank ad was made in 1989) 3. Eclipse, the greatest racehorse who ever lived.

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