Garden Wildlife

David Hollis

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6th November 2017
Butterflies | Gardening | Nature | Squirrels

Talk 2. Garden Wildlife. Closer to home I explore all of the wildlife to be found in our suburban gardens, from Foxes to Bluetits, Butterflies to Smooth Newts. They are all there in this highly informative talk which covers a wide range of the plants and animals to be found in and around our gardens. Find out how to protect and encourage the wild creatures which visit us from time to time.

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About David Hollis

Do you like wildlife? Do you enjoy watching wildlife films and documentaries on TV? If the answer to either of those questions is YES! Then read on...

My name is David Christopher Hollis, I am a freelance wildlife photographer, filmmaker, author and highly skilled public speaker with over 27 years of experience under my belt.

I originally hail from Halesowen in the Black Country and I introduce what I do as 'a Black Country Lad Explores' because that is just exactly what I do. . . I explore. . . I enjoy and I photograph and record what I see and hear. I've been passionate about wildlife since I was in the womb, and have spent the best part of my life immersed in the countryside.

I have an image library of well over a million wildlife photographs now and can provide all the gear I need to present. If you want my current menu of pop up wildlife cinema films and talks just e mail me at All the very best David.

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