British from the bottom up

Shirley Crisp

North West
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19th October 2017
Business | Entrepreneur | Fashion | Motivation

I give a energetic and enlightening talk about building a British underwear brand, the highs and lows of creating a truly comfortable pair of briefs. British from the bottom up give s a peak at the UK's textile industry past and present, how times are changing and what effect is Brexit having on our underwear, l promise there is plenty of humour and tales to tell, and l tell how l took Unibu to Downing street

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About Shirley Crisp

Unique British Underwear made to exacting standards entirely in the United Kingdom. Building on years of experience, Shirley Crisp created Unibu to offer great fit and quality, from natural materials for a variety of shapes and sizes. Unibu is made in Britain down to the last thread. That means everything we design, dream, produce, manufacture, sew, stitch and send on its way was found in Britain and manufactured in British factories. We have unapologetically sourced all our products' components – that's fabric, elastic, trims, labels, packaging and more – entirely in Britain. Whether the challenge facing us is perfecting the special mix of natural materials or ensuring your complete satisfaction or reinforcing our ‘best of British’ vision: we focus on creating a range of underwear that is as unique as you

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