A Bridge in Time ~ the story of the Bailey Bridge

Malcolm Darroch

Malcolm Darroch - Rotary Club of Wollaton Park
East Midlands
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10th January 2017
History | Military | Engineering

The fascinating story of the development of this major contribution towards the Allied victory in WW2.

A story which spans from the early days of the war through to the present day. This talk can be presented in a range of shades of technicality and will be adapted to suit the audience.

Illustrated - duration 35 to 45 minutes, or as required.

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About Malcolm Darroch

Malcolm Darroch - speaker

Malcolm was born and claims to have 'grown up' in Nottingham. He trained as a structural engineer in the mid 60's and then, in the late 90's had a complete change of career by moving into financial training. Most of his clients are now well on their way to insolvency, so he has the time to present a series of interesting talks on a wide variety of topics.


Malcolm does not normally charge a fee or expenses for talks. However, he will be happy to receive a donation.

Should the venue be distant from Nottingham, then he would reasonably expect the donation to reflect the distance involved.

All donations will be passed to the Rotary Club of Wollaton Park who are currently providing a three year bursary to a local girl who has studied hard as a means of raising herself out of the cycle of poverty and unemployment which besets her local community. She is now at University studying “Policing and Criminal Science” and thoroughly enjoying it. While she does get grants for fees and accommodation, we at Rotary are trying to pay for the little extras she may require. We have established a three-year Bursary, from which she receives a monthly allowance and Malcolm is using donations to help support the fund.

Thus Malcolm bears all the costs involved and donates all the proceeds to Rotary.

He would like to stress that any donation is strictly voluntary and depends on the custom and practice of the host organisation.

He has been known to speak for nothing as he does tend to like the sound of his own voice and will do anything for a free lunch/dinner or a cup of tea and a biscuit.

Should you require details of the work Rotary are doing in Nepal, he will happily supply it.


Most talks can be adjusted to fit your allotted time frame, so please specify your requirements when booking.


Malcolm has access to a full range of audio visual equipment. He can provide both a screen and a suitable projection table but, to save him carrying them from his car, it would be nice if these were available at the venue. Malcolm will supply his own data projector and laptop, preferring the effort of carrying it, to the embarrassment of incompatible equipment supplied by others which he will fail to understand and will spend the whole afternoon/evening blaming. There should be a 13amp socket at some convenient distance from the projection point. While he is quite happy to take responsibility for tripping over his own extension cable, please ensure that this does not cross a public access route.

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